Ugly duckling-Taemin became a Swan-Taemin in a few years… 

06-20 / 17:31 / 13 note

The prettiest ocean to reflect the most beautiful shining stars.

“It’s alright. Even birds take breaks from flying sometimes. If you’re frustrated, nothing will work out. You have to think that it’ll all go well.”

Jonghyun (via kibnm)

I’ve made a SHINee-gif Edition for the game ‘2048’

check it out~ ^^

04-10 / 22:43 / 2 note

Key covering for Woohyun when he dropped his rose


try not to cry, here are some things:

debut stage, 2008 x
newcomer award x
LLO comeback x
in my room x
amigo comeback x
juliette comeback x
jojo x
ring ding dong comeback x
win for rdd x
goodbye yoogeun x
lucifer comeback x
win for lucifer x
a-yo x
one x x
hello comeback x
win for hello x
nothing better x
nessun dorma x
sherlock comeback x
win for sherlock x
honesty x
dream girl comeback x
push up encore for dream girl x x
wss comeback x
onghyun returns x
everybody special comeback x
winning artist of the year, 2013 x