when B.A.P was announced the winner of the “Mnet PD’s Choice Award ” EXO had already stood up before they did, other artists also applauding all the while. then both sides proceeded to bow nicely at each other.

cr. to video owner

A fangirl’s best friends: English subs, 1080p, pervert cameramen.


Remember how it all started with a “hey I like this song”


Korean Data Blackout; September 7th - September 16th

kdata-blackout is a movement of support for administrators of Korean fansites as well as fans all around the world who work very hard and spend time and money to provide pictures and videos of Korean artists. It’s also a movement to make International fans realize just how much these people provide to their fandom experience and to hopefully help them understand how important it is to follow their rules.

During 10 days, starting on September 7th and ending on September 16th, participating blogs will not share any fantaken data on their blogs, twitters or facebook pages. This blackout was inspired by tm-blackout.

If you are a “fuckyeah” blog or if you post a lot of fantaken data and would like to join, you can send us a message with your url before September 9th and we will add you to the list of participants. After that date, our askbox will be closed and we won’t accept anyone else. If you don’t post such data but would still like to support our cause, you can find banners and the like on our support page. It will be greatly appreciated.

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I approve of this, simply so people can appreciate what the fans do to help make the fandoms you all love.

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K-POP hit songs from 2008-2012 in 12 minutes // edited by dushevka

kpop au: bloodlines

suzy of the cervids
the cervids are the people of the north. they mainly settle in small clusters at the edges of the large forests that cover the northern border. known to be calm and peaceful people, the cervids do not get involved in disputes with the ruling family. they often move around, settling in places for no more than a year at most. their main symbol is the stag.

myungsoo and jaeseop of the lupine
the lupine are the fierce people of the northwest. they are primarily wanderers and don’t settle or travel together in anything more than family units. lupine are infamous for being aggressive, ready to fight, territorial, and having an extremely rigid hierarchy system. the royal guard consists of mostly lupine. their main symbol is the wolf.

boa of the pheens
the pheens are the people of the east. they are mostly clustered together in the capital city, quilhaven. pheens are known to be level-headed, morally righteous, and putting strong emphasis on discipline. thus, many government positions are held by the pheens. they don’t provoke any of the other tribes and often stay neutral in war. their main symbol is the phoenix.

t.o.p of the aves
the royal, ruling bloodline. the aves originally were refugees from the bordering kingdom, but gradually took control of the government. they seized power during a civil war and have retained it ever since. the aves hold many of the powerful government positions and make up the majority of the aristocratic class. infamous for a love of beauty and superfluous spending, their scandals of frivolous events have caused dissatisfaction among the common people. their main symbol is the peafowl.

jessica of the vespertines
the vespertines are the people of the southwest. they live far from the capital, establishments hugging the border of the neighboring kingdom. their villages and cities are located mostly in the desert. they are notorious for having a strong hatred for the aves. the vespertines are known to be hardy, self-sufficient, and obstinate. their main symbol is the snake.

kris of the druks
the druks are the former ruling bloodline. they have resided in the west ever since they were ousted from power. the druks have stayed low and undetectable for generations. they wish to win back their throne through a war. known to be ruthless, tenacious, and independent, the druks are very strict and excellent strategists. their main symbol is the dragon.

yunho of the ceri
the ceri are the people of the sea. those who settle created small fishing towns and villages on the coast. many stay on the sea for most of the year, only resting to gather supplies in the towns. the ceri control the overseas trade. they are in allegiance with the aves, but don’t bother much with politics at all. not much is known about the ceri since not many of them travel inland. their main symbol is the narwhal.

Shit That K-Pop Fans Say.

stupid perfect bands with their stupid perfect faces and their stupid perfect music


everytime i join a new fandom i feel like im ripping my soul into another horcrux

    Who said Kpop guys only tweet in Korean?!

  • Yesung: Tokyo in Yesung.
  • Dongho: Oh my godless.
  • Donghae: Thank you EFL.
  • Onew: Location - Singer
  • G-dragon: U good, mang?
  • Gikwang: Baby Good moring.^-^
  • Heechul: Whats LOL?
  • Lee Hongki: Fuck You keke

    Reblog with your favorite song:

  • 2AM: I Did Wrong
  • 2NE1: Lonely
  • 2PM: My Color
  • 4Minute: Heart to Heart
  • AA: --
  • A-JAX: --
  • APink: --
  • After School: Bangkok City (Orange Caramel)
  • B1A4: Only One
  • B.A.P: Unbreakable
  • Beast: Lights Go On Again
  • Big Bang: Blue
  • Block B: Nanrina
  • Boyfriend: --
  • Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
  • BTOB: I Stole Thos Lips
  • Chocolat: --
  • Cross Gene: --
  • CNBlue: Loner
  • DGNA: I'll Love You Until It Snows in the Middle of a Summer Day (Popsicle)
  • Dalmatian: The Man Opposed
  • DBSK: Stand by U
  • EXO: Angel
  • F.Cuz: Wanna Be Your Lover
  • F.T. Island: Like Birds
  • f(x): Pinocchio
  • Girl's Day: Don't Flirt
  • Girls' Generation: Time Machine
  • Hello Venus: Hello
  • Infinite: White Confession
  • JJ Project: --
  • JYJ: --
  • Kara: Mister
  • LED Apple: Time Is Up
  • MBLAQ: Cry
  • miss A: Breathe
  • MYNAME: --
  • Nine Muses: --
  • Nu'est: Face
  • Rainbow: A
  • RaNia: Dr. Feel Good
  • SS501: Love Ya & Love Like This
  • Secret: Madonna
  • SHINee: Y.O.U
  • Shinhwa: It Hurts
  • Sistar: Ma Boy (Sistar 19)
  • Super Junior: It's You
  • Supernova: --
  • Sunny Hill: Pray
  • T-ara: Day by Day
  • TaeTiSeo: Twinkle
  • Teen Top: Angel
  • UKiss: Tick Tack
  • VIXX: --
  • Wonder Girls: Me, in
  • ZE: A: All Day Long
08-03 / 16:23 / 8.794 note / jenny96
  • T-ara : Bully new member.
  • Super Junior : Bullied by new member.
  • Infinite: Bully the leader.
  • B.A.P: Bullied by cordi noona.
  • Bom: Bully everyone
  • MBLAQ: Bully Joon, who doesn't realize he's being bullied.
  • EXO: Bullied by fans
  • BIGBANG: Bully the maknae, who enjoys being bullied.