Ugly duckling-Taemin became a Swan-Taemin in a few years… 

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D.O. and Kai hesitating and looking at each other when asked for their ideal types as D.O. gulps again.

The prettiest ocean to reflect the most beautiful shining stars.


Their posts and replies never fail to make me laugh :p

 Waiting for BIGBANG ~ VVIP era or Let’s Talk about Love era

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someone has finally found time to study their English, I see.
Title: Cotton Candy
Artist: Daesung
Played: 71 times

 Waiting for BIGBANG ~ most underrated BIGBANG songs ~

extra: this performance was so adorable 

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Title: Stay
Artist: BIG BANG
Played: 0 times


Waiting for BIGBANG meme> Misc

most underrated BIGBANG songs> stay

"before the door closes, baby please don’t go away"

Waiting patiently for BIGBANG meme ♡


I see a lot of these GTKM/MMC memes out there and I feel like there needs to be a BIGBANG version mainly because I hardly see OT5 on dash and the fandom needs something to do before we officially gobatshit crazy. Anyway, you can edit, gif, make graphics, or just post cute text posts and audios.

You can tweak this to your liking, and I highly encourage participants to tag their posts as “#waiting for BIGBANG" so we all can check out your posts. Please like/reblog this if you’re planning to participate and have fun! (inspired by pilsuks’ challenge)

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