I’ve made a SHINee-gif Edition for the game ‘2048’

check it out~ ^^ http://games.usvsth3m.com/2048/shineeisgay-edition/

04-10 / 22:43 / 2 note

Key covering for Woohyun when he dropped his rose

orange caramel mv’s picspam ♡

03-01 / 17:32 / 748 note / sehuo


Kayden’s first time experiencing rain (x)

because all you need is love: a seo eunkwang appreciation post.

n/?gifsets of what i love about btob’s precious leader and main vocal.♥
2. he makes this cute little expression on his face.  (◕‿◕✿)

Ryeowook: Baro and Sandeul seem very close~ because while they’re sitting together and Baro keeps touching Sandeul’s tummy…


Ryeowook: Why are the both of you holding hands? Touching and feeling each other under the table…


try not to cry, here are some things:

debut stage, 2008 x
newcomer award x
LLO comeback x
in my room x
amigo comeback x
juliette comeback x
jojo x
ring ding dong comeback x
win for rdd x
goodbye yoogeun x
lucifer comeback x
win for lucifer x
a-yo x
one x x
hello comeback x
win for hello x
nothing better x
nessun dorma x
sherlock comeback x
win for sherlock x
honesty x
dream girl comeback x
push up encore for dream girl x x
wss comeback x
onghyun returns x
everybody special comeback x
winning artist of the year, 2013 x


40/50 photos of Chanyeol